Sunday, October 27, 2013

When You're Gone

Force field jimmy hat
scratch the neon surface
I am Mega-tron melting into dust
7 figure salary
on a dumpster lid budget
a scary clown arched
against the silver moon
a dark desert highway
cars zoom past the liquor store
neon green graffiti
Asian extremists
gang tag mixed soda slap
I am a terrorist
I make egg foe young
and chow mein old
Miss Marry Sun-death
I hang in a closet with a rubber garden house scarf
you can’t see me
telegraph mustard stain
your universal health care is
another line item
on my paycheck
do not pass go
do not collect two hundred dollars
I’d trade my shoe laces for a bag of
Ramen noodles
tish, tish
swish, swish
dirty sink
dirt we dish
nightmare stoplight
changing to quick
I accelerate while texting 
kid friendly acronyms
keyboard generated smiley faces
booty calls to y'all
shift gears with my 40 ouncer
tucked into my crotch
Santa in a sleigh on fire Christmas Day
I pray on the curb
with my head between my legs
studying the hieroglyphics
on someone else’s
Facebook feed
I need modern shoes, steaks, sunglasses
validation in terms I can afford on credit
circling the toilet bowl
with a Skipper’s cap and a mutilated rum bottle
Heaven waits just beyond
the Syrian border
the maggots always miss you
when you’re