Sunday, May 15, 2011

Todd Nickels

I heard this on the radio back in January as I was pulling away from the gym in the morning. They were interviewing this poor bastard named Todd Nickels. Gave him the whole victim title - Todd Nickels is a pool man and a diabetic! And I thought, what a horrible thing to labeled with. So I turned it around and made my own quote:

Todd Nickels, upon awaking one day, turned to his wife, still asleep in bed and exclaimed, “Fuck this shit! I’m tired of being a pool man and a diabetic!”

Todd’s wife lifted a heavy eye lid, not quite taking in him or his words. Todd got up, put on his sport shirt and slacks, making little haste. He collected his wallet and a few other items and left the house. He tossed his pool net out of truck into the driveway and burned rubber. The last his wife heard, Todd was running guns in South Africa and had a producers credit in the film adaptation of the hit musical Wicked.

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