Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To My One and Only Love

I am made to hold memories in my hands now
cursed little sabers that stab
in a heart pool of red blood
I make up things you might say
nerves to raw to even sit here and type.

I look back now
on my life leading up to you
I mop the floor with my sad sack grimace
it was once spilled over with booze, and pain, and sick life.

Then, you were there …
and I don’t know how
and I don’t know why
but when you opened up your arms
your heart
your love
to me
it rotated my tires
it aligned my planets
it paid the bills
it screwed my light bulb
it cooked my dinner
it reset my hard drive
it balanced my check book
bounced my ball
bumped me up to first class
and flew me over the moon

… and, as quickly as you came
you were gone …

the bed is unmade
the trash can is over flowing
the car is out of gas
the beer cans all emptied
the ashtrays full
the laundry dirty
the dishes piling up in the sink
the eviction notice hanging
the stock market crashing
and the sun no longer shines
through my windows

With the shades pulled and the razor blades sharpened
life is strange, weird, lonely, and cruel
much like the Gods that dole it out
to all us suckers hitching a ride
on the hearts broken midway.

Baby, if your still out there
and your reading this
if there is a hell
I’m in it
just never know it
until you walked into my life
and showed me what
I had been missing
all these long

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