Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Poem by the Google V-Mail Translator

this is
Rainstuff calling Cincinnati
returning your call
you instead of mold inside the salt
think probably what it is
The One
the salt and thy air
and the water
makes it grow together,
it tends to follow,
mop and afterwards
it's Sarah
who looks kinda gray
and do not touch
that looks very good
but, I'm sure it's just mold,
but, either way, all that would
need to be done
is assault
tank care
what the salt?!

with the U.S. Pass
some drive to the gym
but I forgot to do another
I was going to go work
but I have been changed
Jim in.
Landris, I have been yellow
my whole life there
phone bench birthdays
You have a holy spirit
of a bedspread
since he says,
amen brother.

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