Sunday, August 5, 2012

Next Time I'll Go To Reno

Box springs with carpal tunnel
I dream inside the strip tease
your fake eyelashes fan
my nervous being
as the swampy summer
hangs around like a lost dog
or a collection agency out for blood
the small violence of your kiss
sprung forth, in and out,
the viper clarity of your tongue
there is a Venus fly trap sense of destruction
to all of this
to all of you
a pulling in and out 
smothered within your presence
like a filthy pillow over the face
you drag me along from 
the chains of your crazy mind
LSD humidity
I'm tripping balls
as you spring down from the ceiling
like a deranged bungee jumper
or a black widow from a web
it's a miracle I am alive. . .
This is a new summer, sweetness
a magic marker
I draw a tree in the middle of a lake
and a duck blind with a shotgun sticking out
I search the sky in the sniper sight
for all my old emotions
and put bullets
in each one of them
I tried to draw that, as well,
but the ink was a little to unstable
so, I drew a stick figure instead
a woman on a beach
watching a ship far out at sea
slowly drifting away
to far now to ever 
come back to shore
someday I will draw the boat again
when it hits a new port on the other side
it's journey and riches will be greater
it's fate less foolish
it's crew more sure. . .
I have high hopes for this boat!
As for the woman,
that is no longer for me to say.
I once sat in a prison cell with an ex-con
that made wine from packets of ketchup
fermented his poison in plastic bags
and the prisoners paid top dollar
I told him about a summer I spent in an Attic
on a farm in northern Minnesota
with no AC
lamenting a rough break up
and sweating through my tears
and he said that kind of time
is the worst time you could do
he could spend two years in county
standing on his head
but when a woman locks you up like that
brother, just stick a fork in it
your done!
I shook my head up and down
yes! yes! done! done! done!
and he said that I should have gone to Reno
I said maybe next time
and he said that he tried
to catch a case in Reno
when he once lived their for six months
but no matter what laws he broke
not a single cop
would lock him up!
As I showed him my picture
of the tree in the lake
he looked at it quite perplexed
shaking his head back and forth
and just said, aloud,
that Reno was just to damn wild for him!
Maybe next time I'll go to Reno.

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