Friday, January 2, 2015

The 2nd Day After the New Year

The sunrise makes movement
ascension in the sky
it’s after 8 a.m.
a cat in my front yard
still as a statute
sets silent
facing the ball of fire
then stares across the road
perfectly straight in alignment from toe to ears
back arched in a semi circle
head pivoting from side to side
scanning the desert terrain.

This isn’t a dream
this is the 2nd day after the New Year.

The cat will eventually cross the road
making haste to return home
my neighbor worries about the cat
has asked me not to harm it
as previous  residents
have tried to trap and kill
the feline.

I suppose I’ll let the cat be
it just bolted across the road
as if some hidden alarm clock exploded in it’s brain
running up and around the neighbors car
the animal disappears behind the house.

Perhaps it's time to eat
or come inside
to take temporary shelter from the storm
and sleep into the afternoon
I don’t know if cat’s dream
but it would seem just and right to me
if they did.

However, for me this is not a dream
this is the 2nd day after the New Year.

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