Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Poem About A Poem

I wonder
in this waterfall of human decay
I wonder
as you sit at home now
with your husband
your kids
your house payment
your cats and
your cable bill.

I wonder
your two car garage
3.5 baths
four bedrooms
maybe even a nice flat screen TV
a leather couch and some video games
A/C and food in the frig
all the divine, creature comforts that divorce us from reality.

I wonder
in and out
up and down
and I hang for a moment and think …
of junkies, dark alleyways, and whiskey warm.

Where am I?
in a cracked mirror
in a old photograph
in a dark tunnel with a lonely tune to whistle
choking on the dust of discarded things.

I pretend
and I pray
and I imagine
and I dream
all these things
that are made up of unreality and intangibility’s.

It’s safe to say
that I cannot commit to all those
everyday atrocities normal people succumb to.

I want the vision bathed in fantasy and possibility
I want the love
the romance
the razor blade
everything that makes it cut deep.

Where beer meets the light of day
in your arms alone in a cheap motel room
with all the other bullshit of our lives
constricted, killed, and swallowed
I have felt the best I have ever felt ...

A poem about a poem
a nameless women
just mine for a moment
the dusty shades pulled open
a kiss in the afternoon sun
and the credits rolling gently down the screen.

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