Saturday, August 10, 2013

Play Us Your Song

Heated spa
neon HBO
worst Western
rock, paper, scissors
pull out bed
ring for service
cold coffee intercontinentaly
flea bag
carry a bag
don't tell
get out on that
jack your kerouac
mount that cassidy
make a million kid
make five, six, or seven
shit, hit the jackpot
shit, have it all and the cake to
not to mention the pie and the salad
(tossed preferably)
royalties galore
road soda
by the dozen
mercy without salvation
in the arms of the adoring public
the lonely stare of an audience indifferent
the redemptive roar of an audience in sync
the badge of courage
laundry service
fresh towels
and fresh dope
hangers on
and hangers in
rage, rage, rage
down the asphalt lane
a thousand miles
then a thousand and one more,
rinse and repeat,
candy cane sheets
and cigarette burns in the sky
peal the stickers off your guitar case
three day stubble on the face
this is all you ever wanted
all you've ever dreamed
all you've ever schemed
the nights all groupie wet
syringe sedation
never ending vacation
you can have it all
capital A my dreamy child
if you just believe
and all you gotta do is
play us your

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