Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Man Was 25

Thursday, August 15, 2013
11:15 a.m.
people listening to the message were asked to
check their out-buildings and vehicles
audio awakening
someone slipped me a yellow sheet of paper
I scribbled down the phone #
eggs, cheese, sand paper
the body of Billy West
reverse 911 look out call
I hear a dogs faint howl in the bloody distance
cultural dance at Turtle island
lipstick pornography
Lady Luck stands against a screen door
with a knife in her teeth
quietly undoing the latch
the police were looking for a missing person
and, according to the official record,
he was in need of medical attention
acute methamphetamine intoxication
but noone was seriously injured
Banner, Steel, Alamo, and Starlight
John Wayne's horses
saddle up
let's ride!
Hwy. 62 is melting into the Earth
a night under the Stars provided supporters
the perfect opportunity
made to order, fresh everyday
perhaps, the man scrambled
down from a boulder
and got in a tight spot
where he could not
ascend or descend safely
it's not for me to say
out-house tiolet paper
breakfast served during breakfast hours only
let's dance, for instance
tonight the saloon is full
of bright young things
olive branches at the waterside
Piranha swimming in dust
laying more pipe then
the Hi-Desert Water District
cool hand Romeo
test-boost, flag pole, electric erection
summer extravaganza
the coroner has not yet said what
caused the Death
although he was last seen
shirtless and shoeless
wandering the sand dunes
at nightfall
with a free exclusive offer
as search and rescue workers
attached to ropes
and lowered to the ground
swarm my driveway
I peep through the blinds
learning about the problem
special coupon inside
as well as the idenitiy of the man found
dead in the open desert
that has now been released
and I dare say that my electric bill is
rather high this year
but, it's all due
to the god-damn

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